FYND Designer Pillowcase Review and Giveaway

How thrilled I was when Designer, Alice Shapiro, requested her pillowcases be reviewed on Kritters that Twitter. Alice is the mastermind behind FYND, an online digital art store specializing in digital art paintings and select pillow covers to match.

Paintings are stretched on canvas, ready-to-hang and pillow covers come without inserts. Fabrics are printed in North Carolina and canvases are printed in Atlanta. FYND touts no added chemicals, and efficiency with savings when making their products.

When I received my box, I ripped it open with my homemade box cutter (i.e. steak knife) and whipped out the pillows. I was so excited; I knew right away they would look fantastic on my chocolate-colored couch. Madison, of course, supervised me every paw step of the way. He most definitely approved of the colors and style we received and has decided he too makes an awesome backdrop for these lovely works to be displayed.

Alice was kind enough to send me the pillowcases WITH pillow included, however when you buy from FYND, you are only getting the pillowcase. This way you can pick out your pillow. (hint, Michaels sells pillow stuffings for very very reasonable prices)

Okay, now the fun stuff… Alice has agreed to giveaway, in honor of Valentine’s Day Month, one of her SRP $59.99 Hearts Pillowcases. I can tell you firsthand, whoever wins this will be thrilled to pieces and will probably want to go back to FYND and get a few more to add on. These pillows are so wonderful for a variety of areas in a home including, couches, loveseats, beds, chairs, corners of the floor as decorative pieces, and shelves. The list is endless.

ONE LUCKY WINNER IN USA (including CANADA) will win this Hearts Pillowcase, created by Alice Shapiro.
SRP = 59.99 + shipping