the benefits of dog toys

If you thought that toys were just for kids think again. Toys are also invaluable tools for the dog in your life, helping them to learn, develop a relationship with their owner, and even keep them healthy. If that still doesn’t convince you of their value, just consider the fact that without toys dogs may have to find something else to do – such as chew on your slippers. These are a few toys you can get for your dog, for all the options available have a look at the Pets at Home Dogs toys sections, and the benefits they bring.

Chew toys – These toys are perhaps the most popular type of toy, and consequently, there are loads of different types available. Their biggest feature is the fact that they’ll stop your dog from chewing your belongings, but some chew toys even have special properties that can help improve the health of your dog’s teeth and gums. For example, there are dental knot rope toys that clean teeth, reduce tartar, and –most importantly for many owners –gives the dog fresher breath.

Ball launcher – A simple ball is an essential toy for any dog, but if you want to wear out your dog rather than your arm you should combine it with a ball launcher. Perfect for large open spaces where you can play fetch with your dog, the ball launcher will provide dogs with the vigorous exercise that they need, and in turn, help stop them from getting restless at home.

Wooden Treat Puzzle – More intelligent breeds of dog, such as Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds may occasionally require mental stimulation that goes beyond simply chasing a ball. There are specially designed toys to keep these clever dogs occupied – the Checkers Bone Wooden Treat Puzzle, for example, rewards dogs with a treat once they successfully slide open the correct doors.

Ultimate Tug-O-War – Dogs have a playful nature. While a dog may be a man’s best friend, a quick way to become your dog’s best friend is to let them play. This is why you shouldn’t just leave them alone with their toy but instead interact with them. The Ultimate Tug-O-War toy from Tuffy is a great example of an interactive toy, as your pet will love to compete with you. On the other hand, it makes a great toy for dogs to play with together.

Whether you want to bond with your dog, make sure it gets enough exercise, or simply let it have all the fun in the world there are plenty of high-quality toys to help you.